The Virtual Flute

Well for the real flute addicts here's the virtual flute page. I will put several of my flutes on this page so you can play them and listen to them without having to buy them. Isn't that great.!!!!

This flute is a Low D made by my good friend Raymond Redfeather. He made it after I shared a vision with him. The fetish is a buffalo, my medicine animal.

Move over playing holes

 to hear flute

Detail of the decoration



This real Buffalo horn flute is made by Keith Glowka and belongs to the Ocarina family. It is a 5 hole pentatonic flute.



Move over playing holes to hear flute (there is also sound when you move between the 2nd and 3rd hole so you can hear al the 6 basic notes played)

 If you want to hear this flute in action pres Here to listen to a song played by Keith.









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