Volume 4 (2005)






‘Sample Spaces From The Reals Follow Newcomb-Benford And Zipf Laws’

Computer Science

Type: Communication to the editor

Non regular Reals with a fixed exponent size and a variable mantissa size were shown to give an Newcomb-Benford and Zipf distribution for the first digits. More empirical evidence and the mathematical proof is given that Benford is an approximate special case of Zipf. Calibration of RABENZI. .


‘Entropy Of Takifugu Rubripes And Homo Sapiens’


Type: Full paper

The exons of Takifugu can be devided in to low and high entropic. The entropy spectrum of the Takifugu scaffold genome looks like random noise. Human chromosomes Y and 2 give a destinctive spectrum.


‘Estimation LD50 (Oral, Rat) By Kinetic Models’


Type: Full paper

According to my estimation by kinetic computer models bitter almonds have the same toxicity as kitchen salt (NaCl) for rats. .


‘State-Of-The-Art Compressors As tools For True Entropy Estimations’

Information theory

Type: Communication to the editor

The theory of entropy compared and applied to the practice of compression. .