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  Here, you will find an overview of all the available Photoshop tutorials. All tutorials are situated on this site. This means that these tutorials are not links to other site. If you have any questions, remarks, etc, please contact me.   Chrome Text Chrome Text   Rough Chrome Text Rough Chrome   Rusted Text Rust

Easy chrome text.

Want it rough?

Old, rusted text.

    Metallic Text Metallic   Rough Metallic Text Metallic   Glowing Text Glow

Metallic text without too much effort.

Create rough metallic text.

Give that text a cool glow!

Texture Text I Texture I Texture Text II Texture II Texture III

Text with a texture.

Give your text a texture.

Textured 3D text.

Gel Text Gel Text Round Shapes Party Text Party letters

Smooth gel text.

Make those hard edges smooth.

Get in the mood by creating party letters!

    3D Text 3D Text   Gold   Reflections

3D Text. The other way.

Smooth gold text.

Reflecting  text in the water.

      Chipped Text   Plastic I   Plastic II

Damage your text bad!

A real plastic font.

Create the smoothest plastic.

      Outlines I   Bordered Text Outlines II   Slime

Create lines around anything.

Lines around your text.

Create rust or blood dripping from text.

      Shadow Text  

Rusty Metal   Layer Style

Text with a little shadow

Give your metal a little rust.

Photoshop 6 only.

      Chrome II   Chiseled   Baby blue

Chrome with a texture.

Let the text sink in the background.

A nice soft color.

      Circular Text   Around Circle   Heated Metal

Even in Photoshop 5.5

Make a circle with text.

Your text at 1000 C.

      3D Pop out   Stamp   Pushed In

Make your text pop out!

Stamp using lightning effects.

Your text deeply pushed in.

      Grungy   Techno   Gold II

Grungy text!

Text with techno dots.

Gold part II.

      Aqua Text Aqua text            

Smooth aqua text.




Shapes and objects

      Wire sphere   Starburst   Lightning

Create a 3D Wire sphere.

Create an eye-catching starburst.

Draw your own lightning.

      Wires   3D Button   Round Buttons

Tubes and wires.

Old style Photoshop 6 button.

Round and great looking!

      Aqua Button   Aqua Button Pro   Aqua Button Pro

Smooth aqua button.

Create a Mac OS X style button

Photoshop 6 only!

      Plastic Shape   Interface   Scrotch Tape

Create a smooth plastic shape.

Basic interface building.

Create a small piece of tape.

      Push Pin   Mac Button   Laser

Maybe you need it?

The real one!

Ever had a dream to be a Jedi?

      Very thin Wires   Thin Wires   Thick Wires

Electrical wires?

Small cable-wires

Really thick wires.

      Blade   3D Pipe   Nails

Chop your foes in half.

Create a rusty old pipe.

Not 9", but nice anyway!

      Power Button   Plastic Button   Speaker.

Clean and simple.

Nice for a menu.

Old and rusty speaker.

      Square Button   Mounted Button   Round Button

A basic square button.

A button mounted in your background.

Very basic idea of a round button.

      Polka Dots   Basic interface   3D Shapes

Very similar to the techno dots.

The first steps to your interface.

A 3D Shape without a 3D program.

      Pressed Button   3D Button   Textured Button

Great for your JavaScript rollovers.

Simple version of the 3D button.

Give it a nice texture.

      Rounded Button   Screw   Text panel

A button with a rounded edge.

Screw who?

Just take a look.



      Golfball Texture Golfbal   Stone Texture Steen   Metallic Panels

Geef een golfbal motief aan alles wat je wilt.

Maak een steen texture.

Create bevelled brushed metal.

      Golfball Texture Dots   Stone Texture Stone II   Rust

Dots, dots, dots and ehh... dots?

Create a realistic texture in seconds.

How to create base rust.

      Blending   Bricks   Bumps

Create a new texture by blending.

Want to build a wall?

Height in your texture.

      Fence   Big scratch   Damages

Well, just a fence actually.

A big scratch in a ship's hull?

Damaged metal.

      Scratches   Rust sample   Wood

Scratches on the wall.

Rust texture

Excellent for furniture.

      Gold   Logo   Techno Dots

Bright gold colors.

For your webpage background.

Fashionable techno dots.

      Metallic   Wall   Rust

What more to say?

In-house walls.

And not a little!


Create a dirty texture.



      Scanline Effect Scanlines   Blur Effect Achtergrond   Extract Effect Extract

De manier om van die trendy lijntjes te maken.

Ook altijd van die wazige achtergronden willen maken? Leer hoe.

Leer om een plaatje te extracten.

      Merge Effect Samenvoegen   Straightening Effect Scheef   Transperancy Effect Transparant

Een manier om 2 plaatjes  in elkaar over te laten lopen.

Scheve foto? Maak hem recht mbv je lineaal!

Doorzichte plaatjes zonder kartelhoekjes.

      Rounded Corners Effect Ronde hoeken   Reflecting Sphere   Lightning Effects

Ronde hoeken geven aan je tekeningen.

Without using a 3D program!

How to master lightning effects.

      Drop Shadow I   Drop Shadow II   Bad Tv Reception

Add depth and contrast to your imagery.

Add depth and contrast to your imagery.

Create TV reception from far away.

      Blending   Brighter    Transparency

Simple blending

Make your photos brighter.

GIF Transparency explained.

      Scan lines I   Scan lines II   Photo Manipulation

Basic Scan lines

Advanced Scan lines

Become even more handsome!

      Text on Button   Cracks   Tiled Backgrounds

How to place a text on a button.

Create cracks in metal.

Create those nice tiled backgrounds.

      Round Corners   Prodigy   Brush Beveling

For simply everything!

Why prodigy? Find it out!

A nice use for your brush!

      Photo Touchup   Simple Blending II   Seamless Backgrounds

Great for holiday pictures!

Blend two pictures

The easy way.