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"The work of the individual still remains the spark which moves mankind ahead."

On 14 September 1939 Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (1889 - 1972) made his first flight in the VS-300. When he was in France to study aerodynamics, early aviation pioneers told him not to waste his time on the helicopter. Sikorsky returned to Kiev in 1909 with a three-cylinder 25 horsepower Anzani motorcycle engine and built a helicopter with coaxial twin-bladed rotors. The crude testbed had a seat for the "pilot" and wires to change the pitch of the blades. Measurements showed the helicopter could generate some 357 pounds of lift, unfortunately about 100 pounds less than its empty weight. Sikorsky abandoned his first helicopter in October 1909 and returned to Paris to study the near-term promise of the airplane. After the success of his flying boats and amphibians, Igor Sikorsky resumed his experiments with helicopters. In 1931, he patented a design with the now-familiar helicopter layout - a single large main rotor and small anti-torque tail rotor. In 1938, United Aircraft accepted Sikorsky's recommendation to develop such an aircraft. The steel tube, open cockpit VS-300 had a 65 hp Lycoming engine and belt transmission turning a three-bladed main rotor. By the summer of 1940, the experimental helicopter could stay airborne for 15 minutes at a time. The VS-300 would crash several times and undergo major changes during years of test flying, but Igor Sikorsky's determined work in helicopter controls ultimately gave the world a stable, practical, immensely versatile flying machine. In order to familiarize himself with rotary-wing flight, Sikorsky made use of a simulator.


R/C Sim Sikorsky is an R/C helicopter simulator.


You can buy the Full Version of R/C Sim Sikorsky 1.5 here. A Demo Version is available below.


Screenshots v1.6 (Preview 1)
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Screenshots v1.6 (Preview 3)
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Download Demo

A Demo Version of R/C Sim Sikorsky 1.5 can be downloaded here.

 Windows NT/2000/XP Driver

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Note: R/C Sim Sikorsky requires DirectX 7 or higher.


Interface Schematic
Interface Example (Graupner/JR)
Interface Example (Futaba)


3D Screensaver

The AHS Igor I. Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Competition

Human Powered Helicopter Project University of British Columbia


3D Demo Flying by Alan Szabo Jr. flying a Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 (.wmv)

TRex 600 Helicopter - Amazing Tricks

Living room flight by Alexander Van de Rostyne flying a 6.9 grams (!) Pixelito micro-helicopter (.wmv)